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On 9/11 our entire world was shaken to the core.

We sat in disbelief as we watched the twin towers crumble to the ground. Our eyes were fixated on television sets while news about the tragedy started to sink in. It was a turning point in history and to many a turning point in their lives.

I remember the days after 9/11 so vividly. The days were filled with so much emotion that tears still fill my eyes as I think back.

My son Alex was almost 3 when the twin towers fell. I think he sensed a change had happened. I would keep the radio on in the car trying to get the latest information about the attack. The station would have songs and stories in honor of the lost lives and immediately I would begin to cry.

I wept for the people that died, I wept for the people that lived and I wept for our country.

My son would ask me, “Why are you crying, mommy”? I would tell him how very sad I was about the towers falling. In his little head, he tried to comprehend what I just said and would reply,  “You are sad that the bad men made the towers fall”?  I would smile and try to ease his concern.

How do you tell a child that sadness and fear now have a grip on your heart? My heart was breaking for the families, for our safety, and our nation.

My son then said “Mommy are those people in heaven? Aren’t they with God? I smiled and said, “Yes baby, they are with God”. It gave me comfort to believe that.

I believe that God took all those innocent people into His loving arms. He is a God of love and forgiveness. I truly believe that Our Lord and Savior were there when those towers fell and He caught every son and daughter.

The months would go by with stories of miraculous acts of heroism and people who escape the impending collapse of the towers. I heard testimonies of children who begged their parents not to go to work that day. Stories of people who missed their train and therefore were diverted to safety. It was a confirmation that God wasn’t caught off guard but went into action. He was sending out a spiritual S.O.S. for anyone who listening and some got the message.

I would find out later that 2 people that I knew were killed in the towers. I was crushed to hear of these 2 young men who were gone. I still shake my head in disbelief that something so horrendous has taken so many innocent lives!

My mind would often go back to why did so many people die or why was that person saved? It says in the bible “LORD, remind me how brief my time on earth will be.
Remind me that my days are numbered and how fleeting my life is. (Psalm 39:4 NLT

God knows when our time on earth is done. The problem is we don’t!

Many people have asked where was God on 9/11?

I believe He was everywhere on that day. He was the paramedic who carried the wounded. He was the person handing out water. He was the policeman holding the crying woman. He was the hero who emerged from the rubble. He was there in the pain, in the suffering, and the tears.

I know that God was such a huge part of the experience because we as a nation felt Him! Even after the buildings were gone God left us a symbol that He was there. He left us the metal cross!