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I believe that God will use any means to get our attention.

I once told my 4th graders in a CCD class I was teaching that when God wants your attention He will get it.

It depends on how you like to be spoken to. God once told me He didn’t care how He had to communicate as long as His children knew it was Him.

What I find amazing is the means that God will use to let us know He hears us.

God used the Bible to communicate to me His thoughts. I have heard songs on the radio that answered a question that I had asked. I have read a book that spoke about my dilemma. I even watched a preacher on TV that looked into the camera and told me exactly what I should do.

God always used something that made me know it was Him!

One of people that God has used to speak to me is the TV Evangelist Joel Osteen. I feel like Joel and I are such great friends because He always has the perfect word for me.

Joel Osteen has a great big smile and looks at life with a optimism I can just relate to. I affectionately call Joel the candy man for God! If you have never tried it then Joel knows exactly what to give you to keep you coming back for more! The love that Joel has for God is evident in his eyes and you can feel it in all his sermons.

Now after watching Joel late one night He announces that He is coming for “A Night Of Hope” to the new Yankee Stadium in New York. I looked into the TV and proclaimed “I am so going to be there”! Little did I know that those words would be true!

The time would fly by and a trip to Hawaii would take my thoughts far from getting tickets to see my beloved preacher in person! Before I knew it the “Night of Hope” was only 2 weeks away and I still didn’t get tickets. I resigned myself to accept the fact that “I soo was not going to be there”, but God didn’t agree. In fact He had my tickets already purchased and was about arrange a way to get them to me.

I went to my friend Cathy’s house for her son’s birthday party. As the kids were running around the adults would eat and drink! The conversations at the table were many and always diverse. The topics would rapidly change as new people would enter the conversation. Cathy and her entire family love baseball and so the topic de jour went to the excitement of the opening of the New Yankee Stadium. I am not a big baseball lover and so I started another conversation with another adorable friend. I was congratulating her on her new job at a Christian radio station. When I over heard the Yankee Stadium discussion I quietly said to her “The only reason I would go to Yankee Stadium is to see Joel Osteen”! My friend replied ” You like Joel Osteen”? I enthusiastically exclaimed “I adore him”! She then offers me tickets to see him at Yankee Stadium. Just like that I go from no tickets to 3 tickets! God is awesome!

I invited my cousins Laurie and Sandy to attend the event with me. They also love Joel. I was so excited as we were driving to the Bronx that I didn’t even mind all the traffic. I felt something was going to happen when we got there I just didn’t know what. I shared my feelings with my cousins. Laurie asked me “Do you think we are going to meet Joel”? I told her “I don’t know, but I know something is going to happen”!

We finally arrived and could hear by the music the event had already begun. The night was beautiful and the music was angelic. The praise and worship was loud and empowering! You could feel the atmosphere being readied for the sermon that was about to commence. I was quietly thanking God for His goodness and His generosity when I felt in my spirit “Get your business card to Joel”.

I tried to figure out did I hear correctly but I knew that I did. My husband and I have a business that puts HD video on top of web sites. I just figured maybe God wants Joel to use our services. Now the dilemma I faced was how to get him my business card? Joel was on 2nd base and I’m in the stands behind home plate. All kinds of thoughts began going through my head of how to get to Joel! If he comes into the stands I am going to be ready.

Joel never left 2nd base and I began to think I’m going crazy! Why in the world would God tell me something so outlandish? As the night continued I forgot all about getting my card to Joel and began to enjoy the service. The entire Osteen family came up to share their testimonies of the faithfulness of God. We cheered and shouted to the heavens to proclaim God’s goodness. We were listening to Joel’s brother speak when my cousin Laurie asked me to accompany her to the rest room. I said “Sure of course I will go with you”!

We found the ladies room right next to the concession stand. I could smell the aroma of popcorn, hot dogs and other ballpark specialties. We walked out of the restroom and Laurie asked if I was hungry. I told her yes I’m starving and immediately thoughts of what to eat entered my head. The line was long but the smells of the food kept me on the line. All of a sudden I can see on the TV monitor Joel Osteen taking the stage. I can feel a quickening in my spirit I knew I had to leave the line. I couldn’t stay there a minute longer. I said to my cousin I got to go! She looked at me like I was crazy! I felt crazy. I couldn’t explain why I felt the way I did, but I just knew if I missed it that would be bad.

We walked away from line and saw a fresh lemonade stand. I told her let’s just grab some lemonade. Now of course there was line but I was at peace. As I was waiting I noticed two gentlemen walking with all access passes hanging around their necks. Working behind the scenes in production I notice these things right away and I also knew that these men had ventured out for a reason. I went back to looking at our line that was slowly beginning to move when I felt that quickening again. I felt in my spirit “Say something”! Again I could feel a nudging “Say something”! I turned to my cousin and spoke into her ear “How do I get my business card to Joel Osteen”? When I heard a man reply “Give it to him, he’s his limo driver”!

I whipped around to see the 2 gentleman that had the all access passes standing behind me! Are you kidding me! The man smiled and said “No he really is his limo driver”. I looked at my cousin and we both stood there silent. If you know me that is huge! My cousin and I regained our composer and started to share our stories with the two men.

We began by telling him how we believed that God gave us these tickets and how I felt something was going to happen. My cousin started to cry as she shared how Joel’s sermons helped her get through the loss of her husband last year. The limo driver smiled and listened to all of our stories. He asked me “Why do you want to give your business card to Joel”? I told him I’m not sure but I believe God wants me to! I looked into my purse not knowing if I even brought one with me but I did in fact I brought 2. The limo driver took the 2 cards and promised me he would give them to Pastor Osteen. I thanked both men and we started to head back to our seats.

As we were walking I heard deep in my spirit that little small voice and it said “I can get to anybody! You just go where I tell you to go”! I knew it was the voice of God! He had this all planned out!