I love the way that God uses familiar things to teach us new lessons. I treasure movies, especially from my childhood. Today God started to show me scenes from one of my favorites “The Wizard of Oz”. He was just showing me a new way to start looking at this movie with a prophetic lens.

There was something so special about the story of Dorothy that I related to. I could understand her yearning for something new and different that was beyond the rainbow. She knew it existed and probably felt it pulling at her throughout her life. It took a drastic turn and a giant storm for her to leave what she knew to explore a whole new world.

I’ve been feeling a lot like Dorothy lately. It’s funny that I’ve had so many prophetic words about those red ruby slippers that the Wicked Witch of The West was so eager to possess. It was finally brought to my attention by the Holy Spirit it was my identity that was represented in those slippers.

The slippers had great power inside of them or else the witch would not have wanted them so badly. Being washed in the blood of Jesus gave me a new identity in Christ. The ruby red slippers were a symbol of the bloodshed for me. The shoes represented my authority, my ability to go through life in peace, and the power that would guarantee a way to get back to my heavenly home.

The enemy, the devil wants to get you to give up your shoes. He knows that if you never realize who you are or the true power that was given to you he can keep you in bondage. We need to hold on tightly inside of them and never allow anyone to take them from us. You have dual citizenship one in heaven and one here on earth. Your true identity was established in heaven and the devil wants you to forget where you came from. Never forget heaven is your home. It’s where your Father lives.

We are always looking for that place called home, but what is home? One definition on Dictionary.com says, “the place in which one’s domestic affections are centered.” I can relate to this definition because it’s speaking about love. For me, a place where you feel loved is your home. Doesn’t that sound like heaven a place where love abounds?

The time spent in Oz for Dorothy was more than a dream, but an unlocking of her destiny. The more time we spend with God the more we will begin to discover who we are. In Oz, Dorothy had to discover who she was. She needed to know that amazing gifts were already inside her the whole time. Those discoveries came to her on the yellow brick road.

It’s the challenges and hard times in our life that we discover our true selves.  For Dorothy and her friends that discovery was played out before our eyes in the movie.

The Scarecrow wanted a brain. He felt he wasn’t smart and all he spoke of was the inability to think. Throughout the movie we see The Scarecrow giving direction and taking a leadership role. It wasn’t until Dorothy was in danger that the Scarecrow decided to take a stand. He stopped operating out of who he thought he was and allowed himself to step into his true identity. A leader filled with wisdom and clarity of how to overcome adversity. It was the recognition from the Wizard of Oz that confirmed his intelligence. We need people in our life who can see the gifts we possess and call them out.

The Tin Man and The Cowardly Lion discovered what they thought they lacked was there all the time. It is in the trials and storms that our courage and love is formed! It’s when push comes to shove that our inner lion will roar and take back the territory. You can only understand love when you can feel your heartbreak. Those challenges produce change. It will begin to pull out your true self unlocking what was hiding all along.

We are all a little like Dorothy, The Scarecrow, The Tin Man, and The Cowardly Lion.  We all desire to have wisdom, to love deeply, to defend fiercely, and to find a place that we can call home. As we uncover our true identity we turn the key of truth releasing how God sees us.

We can let those storms or trials refine us or destroy us. We can look beyond the situation and ask Our Great and Powerful Father for strength, guidance, protection, and understanding to defeat those things that try to steal our power.

When you begin to understand the awesomeness that God has given to each one of us it will forever change you and your circumstances. You will never see yourself as “less than”, but you will be able to see yourself as you were created to be…fully equipped.

I think Glinda The Good Witch said it best when she told Dorothy, “You’ve always had the power, my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself”! It’s all there inside of you and now it’s up to you to discover the awesomeness that’s been hidden!

Welcome my friends to Oz!