I hear the words from an old Johnny Cash song reverberating in my head. It’s the beginning lyrics to his song, “Folsom Prison Blues” the lyrics sing out this verse.

I hear the train a comin’ rollin’ round the bend 

I know in my spirit that there is a train coming and I began to ask God what are you trying to tell me?

Immediately I was caught up in a vision. I began to see an old Railroad yard filled with many train cars. These cars represented people who had been waiting to move into their destiny. 

I saw these beautiful railroad cars slowly riding up the track to meet the other cars that would become part of their journey. Each shiny car carried something different. I saw box cars, tankers, hoppers, freight, and dining. Some cars looked familiar, but some looked as if they were custom designed just for this journey.

I could see that many of these cars looked like they have been abandoned in this Railroad yard ( a place built when there is a need to store cars while they are not being loaded or unloaded) waiting to be assembled into trains. It’s a location for those waiting to be used. 

I also saw a few high speed locamotives just speed past them because they were not fully loaded with what they needed to carry.  

This time it was different, this time they were connecting!

I immediately saw Jesus directing these cars onto the proper track, so He could hook them up correctly.  He was coupling up the trains. I could see them backing into each other to join the locomotive.  

Connecting these trains was a very strategic job, because if they didn’t fit properly someone could get hurt in the process. These massive pieces of steal were being joined together for a greater purpose. Jesus is the coupler that joins these powerful cars into one dynamic caravan of His Glory!

The Lord then began to show me the railroads tracks. He revealed to me that these were positioned all because of  prayer. The Intercessors began laying down  these tracks as they cried out for a greater move of God. Each railway was strategically placed to allow the train access to certain areas. 

The Lord then showed me a track with a rail spike still not hammered in completely. I then heard a hammer hit that spike and immediately I heard the train whistle blow. 

The trains are ministries that God is about to send out. If you have been feeling off or different it’s because you are now carrying a different weight. You are now part of the heavenly railway system. The Love train is getting ready to leave the station. 

Each one of these ministries carries a special purpose from The Father’s heart and He has hand picked who should travel together. 

I saw that some cars would carry people. The other cars would carry teaching, leadership, music, entertainment, media and provision. Not one car was coupled together unless they had a similar purpose. 

This was divinely ordained since the beginning of time. That’s why some people feel such strong connections just after they have met!

The great train has been assembled.

All the cars will be pulled by the the great locomotive, The Holy Spirit.  He is the great conductor. He has released the brakes and the train is slowly beginning to move. 

Get ready to climb aboard for a adventure of a lifetime!