How many times have you looked into the mirror and winced at the reflection looking back at you?

If only I was younger, thinner, prettier or even looked different, then I would be happy.  We are constantly comparing our reflection to the photo shopped images we see in magazines and billboards.

We have a love hate relationship with ourselves. We love to hate on the things we do not see as perfect. Is the mirror our biggest enemy or could it be we are?

Women have, unfortunately been set up for failure when it comes to seeing real beauty in themselves and I have seen this first hand while working at the cosmetics counter.

The moment I would engage them in conversation about their skin, the self hatred would begin.

Oh look at my lines”

“I hate my skin” 

See these circles”

The endless words of self hate would pour out quickly and effortlessly.

It was so easy for them to see the beautiful models as perfection and themselves as flawed. Our cosmetics industry set them to desire to look like someone else. We have been taught that flawless is beautiful, so we better fix those flaws FAST!

I was guilty of the same things, until one day God shared a encounter at work that changed me forever!

A young lady from Ireland approached my cosmetics counter looking for some new makeup and beauty advise. She was sweet and completely insecure about her looks.  I asked her to take a seat and we engaged in small talk as I began picking out products for her to try.

Quickly the conversation turned towards God and His goodness. It began with a book that popped into my thoughts. I couldn’t think of the title, but she knew it because her cousin just gave it to her. I immediately knew God was up to something, but I had no idea what.

I was listening to her chatting away when suddenly I heard The Lord say in my spirit, “Tell her she tried to commit suicide on several occasions.” My response was quick, ABSOLUTELY NOT! Followed by “Get behind me Satan” thrown in for good measure.

It was only a few seconds later I heard that familiar voice speak ever so gently to me, “Tell her that she tried to commit suicide on several occasions.” I began shifting my thoughts from it’s the devil to, it’s GOD. I started to give all the reasons to The Lord why I couldn’t say this, when again the third time I heard “Lisa, tell her that she tried to commit suicide on several occasions.”

I swallowed back my fear and I began to gently tell her all that God was sharing about her life.

It was life filled with abuse and hurts. Tormenting images from her past had her believing the lie that death would end the pain.

As I poured out all that I knew, her eyes filled up with shock and amazement of the secret information that she thought no one in the entire world could possibly know!

Tears poured out from a beautiful woman who’s innocence was stolen. A distorted images was the reflection she would see each day, but God was about to change it.

I began to tell her that there were days she felt she was beautiful, but became disappointed when she looked at herself in the mirror. She looked at me with tears streaming down her face. I smiled back and said, “The reason you feel beautiful is because God sees you that way. He is the one that is telling you just how beautiful He sees you!”

At that moment she broke down and told me that no one knows any of this, not even the feelings of hoping to look beautiful. I know that this is God!

I prayed with her and after she quickly purchased her items. A big hug of love and heartfelt thank you was exchanged as we said our goodbyes.

I wiped away my tears and thanked God for this beautiful encounter.

No longer would look at women’s flaws, but I would begin to see the beauty that was hidden in each woman I would encounter. My barometer of beauty had changed, all because of a Father’s love for a daughter.