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I love fairytales. In fact, God has used many of these stories to help teach or show me Kingdom principles.

I was having a discussion with a friend and we were sharing some common themes that The Lord had on His heart. One of those was about a deceptive spirit creeping into the body of Christ.

God has been showing me that wolves have slowly entered into some of the safest and most intimate places in our lives. These creatures have snuck in and devoured leaders and trusted believers. They have disguised themselves as innocent sheep, but they are far from innocent.

These spirits have so cleverly shifted focus from Kingdom to castle. It’s become more about what I’m doing than what can I do for you.

As our conversation was unfolding I suddenly saw this person in a very different way. I saw a vision of red cape being draped over her. I wasn’t sure what I was seeing and so I asked The Father, “what is that you are telling me?” God showed me that He has a secret weapon. He is calling out “The Little Red Riding Hoods”. My friend and the many others are being released in this season to reveal the wolves.

Who are they?

These individuals are the ones that can recognize these creatures because they have been taught by The Father what to look for. Through the various encounters they had and the battles they fiercely fought. The Red Riding Hoods are ready to fight and they have scars to prove it. It was a hard, but a necessary lesson to learn how to expose the darkness that is trying to blend in to the light.

The Lord began to explain in great detail using the well known children’s story as a comparison for me to better understand what He was showing me.

Just like in the story of “Little Red Riding Hood” the wolf watches Red Riding Hood walking through the woods. He carefully approaches her and begins to gain information about where she is heading. The wolf is obtaining her trust through manipulation, control and confusion.

The clever wolf then uses distraction to make his move. He shows Little Red Riding Hood beautiful flowers off in a distance that would delight her grandmother. In order to retrieve the bouquet Red Riding Hood has to get off the path she was walking on. Her mother gave her strict instructions not to wander off that road. It’s at that moment she goes against her mother’s orders that the wolf heads to the grandmother’s house.

I then saw that just like Little Red Riding Hood these warring individuals are covered up by Jesus and His cloak covered with the red blood of righteousness. There is a greater protection from the wolf’s devices because of this covering.

The story continues with the wolf running ahead of Red Riding Hood and entering her grandmother’s home. The goal is to devour the elder aka the voices that are supposed to be speaking into the lives of the body and assume their identity. This spirit’s whole purpose is to position itself into a place of intimacy and trust with the innocent girl.

God has seen this happening to countless children who have been hurt and abused by this spirit, but no more. These red cloaked warriors know exactly what to look for because this isn’t their first encounter with it!

Little Red Riding Hood knew that her grandmother was different as soon as she began interacting with the wolf. She began to ask the questions calling out the identity of the counterfeit granny. Red said, “Grandma what big eyes you have, what big ears you have, what a big nose you have and what big teeth you have!”

As the vision continued I had a revelation of what all these characteristics of the wolf meant. The big eyes represents that this spirit only wants the individual to see themselves. They have placed their focus on how to be seen bigger and nothing will stop the push to become greater. The big ears are not hearing or listening to The Father, but instead listening to the lies being whispered to feed the confusion. The big nose represents the ability to sniff out weak and helpless victims that will help to enable and accomplish their agenda. Lastly, the big teeth aren’t chewing on the word of God, but on the bones and pieces of knowledge that continue to sustain the goal of the enemy to steal, kill and destroy any Kingdom accomplishment.

The Lord then spoke to me that He has also given these cape wearers an axe that will split open the lies from the truth. These individuals are going to expose those things and help to bring life back to the victims of the attacks. They are fearless because when they got devoured by the wolf Jesus came to their rescue just like the huntsman in the story.

Jesus has taught them how to pull back the sheets and expose the wolves once and for all. He has given them instructions on how to use the axe that will cut down and sever any lies attached to these innocent ones.

We need to remember that just like God, the enemy uses man to do his bidding. The enemy looks for those who have been hurt and wounded to continue the destruction of the body of Christ.

God has had enough and it’s time for the uncovering of this disruptive spirit.

The good news is Jesus has shown these Red Riding Hoods that there is a person hiding inside the wolf’s belly and it’s time to release them as well. He has assigned them to go in and begin pulling them out. The freedom from this spirit is going to bring a change to the church like we have never experienced before.