This was a vision I had back in Jan 2019

I was at a prayer meeting this morning and I heard The Lord say, “the victory was fought intercessors in the trenches.”

I saw the deep holes that protected the ones on the front line from impending attacks. This was a place for the watchers to stand their guard and look for any possible movement from the enemy.

I kept hearing the words dig in deeper. I saw the ground being broken up for those in the trenches to be almost completely hidden inside the dirt.

The Lord said, “Hide completely in me. Cover yourself totally up in my heart. You will not been seen by the enemy because he will have nothing in common with you.”

When I got home The Lord showed me a scene from the movie “Wonder Woman”. In this scene, Wonder Woman was in the trenches and could see what was taking place. She was protected and hidden from the enemy. The soldiers began to tell her what was happening to a nearby village that the enemy had destroyed. As she heard the level of attack against the innocent she was filled with compassion. You could see her eyes fill with the love of the broken, wounded, and lost villagers.

She knew what she needed to do and she started to climb out of the trenches. She could hear the soldiers cry out not to go, but her heart said move.

She was fully clothed in armor that would protect her. Her shield became her new covering as she advanced toward the enemy.

I believe that it’s in the trench that we will experience that heart change. As we dig ourselves deeper into Him we can see where the enemy is hiding. Our assignment will become crystal clear as the Father shifts our hearts.

It’s the moving of The Father’s heart that now is beating inside these fierce women of God. It’s time to step out of the safety of the trenches and put on the full armor of God to take back territory that has been stolen!