I love the way that God uses my current interests to shed light on the deeper truths about His character.

Recently, I found a TV series that I have fallen in love with. The show is called “The Chosen”. This crowd-funded series has left me completely undone. It’s crazy that I gain a deeper truth with each viewing. The brilliant writing and top-notch production allow the viewer to journey into the Bible to witness the ministry of Jesus.

I heard about it and saw some posts from a friend of mine. I tried to watch it, but it just wasn’t my time. When I finally did sit down I wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen to me.

I would actually encounter Jesus in the most beautiful and truthful way I’ve ever seen Him portrayed. We all have ideas and some people have had real encounters with The King Of Kings. In my life, I have actually had conversations with people who have shared their intimate stories of meeting Jesus. This show nails it and Jonathan Roumie who plays Jesus is spot on!

The interesting fact about this show is people are watching the same episodes over and over again. In fact, there is a #bingejesus that is associated with all the followers of this series. Why are so many people pulled into the episodes so deeply? I believe that draw is The Holy Spirit beckoning us to come in deeper and look closer at who Jesus really is.

In the first episode, there is a scene where Jesus calls Mary Magdalena by her name. That moment is where all time stops and your heart quickens. The scene continues with Jesus telling Mary her true identity, her value, her ownership and reveals her relationship with Him.

This powerful exchange was not only to tell her but to let the demons know that were tormenting her that she belonged to Him! Jesus used the scripture as a weapon that sliced and diced through the lies, deception and manufactured thoughts of the enemy.

We aren’t so different from Mary Magdalene. Somewhere along the way, we might have gotten lost. The world began to sing a different song that wasn’t in key with heaven’s melody over our life. Lies hurt, abuse, abandonment are just some areas where the enemy will take advantage of those wounds. Soon the playing in your head is the sounds of defeat, discouragement, hopelessness, and failure. It may seem like it’s never going to get better or this is just going to be my life.

It’s in those moments that Jesus enters in. He comes in like a whisper beginning to sing a love song over you. The unending passion being poured over you begins to fight back the lies you have believed. Slowly a voice is rising above the noise and calls you by name.

Your heart quickens as the voice is something you recognize. It’s not audible, but yet your heart hears it. Yes, it’s your Father’s voice and He has come to claim you as His own. He has called you and is telling every demon that you are His!

God created us in His image we are a reflection of Him. It’s safe to say that a Father knows His child. God is looking for redemption and so He sent Jesus on a reconnaissance mission to get back His kids.

We are all called at some point in our life because we were all chosen before the foundation of time. To believe that God chooses us in all brokenness is sometimes hard to comprehend.

We can disqualify ourselves over and over again based on how we look at our life! Love never looks at our imperfections but looks at our hearts. Jesus went into villages choosing the least qualified and those who discounted their worth.

The Chosen TV series beautifully reveals the selection process in each episode. We can see how Jesus went and called out to the chosen ones. In each character that we meet we can see a little of ourselves. The back story sets up all the reasons that religion would reject each disciple. From possession, prostitution, lying, manipulation, tax collection, rejection, anger, greed, and the list can go on.

All the men and women who were selected represent a broken and fallen world. Jesus came to set the prisoners free as it says in Luke 4:19. He came to raise up an army to become more like Him and less like a man. The choice has always been ours to leave the ways of the world and follow Him. It won’t be what you are expecting it will be different. I love that in the series Jesus says to His disciples “Get Used To Different” and I’m ready for it!

To follow the chosen https://thechosen.link/24Y4T and be sure to pay it forward! Help catch the fish!!!