This last 4th of July was unlike any other. Many people gathered together lighting up the night skies with beautiful displays of color and wonder. Many politicians canceled the big fireworks due to the fear of the current pandemic. It didn’t stop the people from celebrating the nighttime festivities even though major fines were being declared to intimidate the public from lighting up the sky. From state to state, city to city a sound could be heard that exploded through the darkened night. Each boom and explosion was a declaration to the world saying freedom is still our portion! We celebrated our Independence regardless of the cost.

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The same can be true of the followers of Jesus because of the very light we carry inside of us. There is a brightness of His Glory that breaks through the darkest places. 

We can’t truly fathom the degree of light it takes to overcome the deepest pit of fear, despair or brokenness. It says “So don’t hide your light! Let it shine brightly before others, so that the commendable things you do will shine as light upon them, and then they will give their praise to your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16 TPT

I began to ponder this when I suddenly started to hear a song called “Firework” by singer Katy Perry. The one verse that stood out was “Maybe a reason why all the doors are closed. So you can open one that leads you to the perfect road. Like a lightning bolt, your heart will glow. And when it’s time, you’ll know You just gotta ignite the light And let it shine Just own the night Like the Fourth of July”. 

God owns it all the day and the night. He doesn’t go to sleep and let the darkness rule over Him. Jesus shattered through the darkness as the Light of the World. In the Passion Translation Jesus is described as “And this Living Expression is the Light that bursts through gloom— the Light that darkness could not diminish!” John 1:5 TPT. That same beautiful light that shines in Jesus shines in us too. The problem many of us have is we don’t release the powerful gifting inside of us. These amazing gifts are like dynamite that explodes with the power of heaven.

I recently had a vision where I saw I had all these arrows in my quiver. Each one of these arrows had the names of the different gifts inside me that were never released. In this same vision I saw an old angry man and heard in my spirit he was the spirit Intimidation. He was mean and very difficult to look at because he would stare me down into submission. I was allowing this spirit to intimidate me to not release the powerful weapons that God had supplied to achieve the continued success in my life.

Jesus came over and began to help me to shoot these arrows releasing the power that was locked up inside me. He handed me my first arrow and with trepidation I pulled back the bow and let it fly. I could see the word exploding into the air breaking the hold of Intimidation. One by one the arrows were handed to me by Jesus and I could read the words speaker, trustworthy, encourager, writer, preacher, and on they continued. Each arrow releasing the gifts and destiny inside of me that I was too scared to show the world. I then saw Jesus grab even more arrows and began throwing them into the air all of them began exploding into bright lights of color. It was a personal fireworks display created with the lights and sounds hidden deep in me. I was in awe and wonder as I saw Jesus throwing the arrows that could no longer hold me back.

He smiled at me as I watched the beautiful patterns of color and light exploding into the air. A fireworks display that was bringing freedom and justice for the enemy to witness all created with the love Jesus had for me. This celebration was a reminder that Jesus holds all keys to accomplishing my destiny. He held nothing back from me in fact he gave me everything he had. It was stored up for me to be released at this appointed time.

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